Installing Jdownloader on FreeBSD

JDownloader is a magnificent tool for downloading stuffs from various websites and it uses Java and pretty much portable across platforms. This article will show you on how to setup JDownloader application for FreeBSD.

1. Install Java Runtime via OpenJDK package:

                 $  pkg install openjdk17-jre


2. Download JDownloader in JAR file. It should be located under "Others" and it will redirect to its MEGA file download. 

3. Make a direcotry called "JDownloader" and paste the JDownloader.jar into the directory

                $ mkdir JDownloader && mv JDownloader.jar JDownloader

4. Launch JDownloader with Java Runtime

                $ java -jar JDownloader.jar


5. You can paste the link in the JDownloader to download the contents from any site. 

NOTE: For downloading videos with JDownloader, make sure that ffmpeg package is installed and then navigate to Settings> Advanced Settings and you will need to add the ffmpeg path in FFmpegSetup: Binary Path - /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg


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